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Ever wonder what campuses interviews are really like on the academic job market? This was my year in review. Get ready for strip mall dining, scheduling errors, and yes, even a monkey.

February, 2019

The Art of the
Campus Interview

Think you know House of Cards? Think again. I break down its deep structure, highlight its conventions from classic horror films, and explain its contribution to popular culture in the U.S.

March, 2019

A Contract with the Devil (and Other Monsters): The Inner Structures of House of Cards

Published in The Denver Post, this op-ed explains the punishing effects of the GOP's proposed tax changes in 2017 for graduate student communities inside and outside of Colorado. 

November, 2017

The Backbreaking Price of Tax Reform on Colorado Graduate Students

"Battle of the Bastards" may have satisfied the age-old bloodlust for war; unfortunately, it did so through the more recent tradition of dramatizing, aestheticizing, and making war cool.

June, 2016

The Battle of the Bastards

Seconds chances -- resurrection and return -- abound in the early machinations of the sixth season.

May, 2016

The Resurrection of Jon Snow

The seventh episode of Game of Thrones season six featured the return of two of the show's most curious and charismatic characters.

June, 2016

The Hound


Written by Bernardo Atxaga
(Translated by Margaret Jull Costa
Written by Adolfo Pardo
(Translated by Scott Spanbauer)
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